What is an Earnest Money Deposit for Real Estate?

An Earnest Money Deposit is an initial payment, typically around 1% of a property’s purchase price, required by sellers to demonstrate a buyer’s serious intent. This is commonly referred to as a “good faith deposit.” It’s important to note that an Earnest Money Deposit or EMD is not the same as a downpayment and is usually entirely refundable.

Requirements for EMD Financing

Intended specifically for investment property acquisitions

EMD amounts of a minimum of $2,500

Minimum duration of EMD: 9 day inspection period

The Challenge for Real Estate Investors:

Investors, especially wholesalers, often face difficulties in placing an EMD for a short period of time until they find their end buyer. In a competitive real estate market where, short-term financing is scarce, this can lead to missed opportunities.

How it works?

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